Why Choose Us?

Still curious? Go ahead, find out a little more. We won't tell.

Helping Businesses Grow Since 1996

When it comes to flags, you might say we’ve seen it all. However, we’ve not only helped flags become an essential medium of branding & advertising today, our experience has been a part of it’s evolution in India & across the globe.

We’re Here For You

Our experienced Flag Gurus are available for you, Monday-Saturday, 10:00-18:00 hrs Indian Standard Time over the phone or on live chat. (We often reply to your emails during off-business hours too.)

We would like your branding & promotions to triumph - hence, we’ll take the time and go the extra mile to help.

National Accolades

Our dedication & endeavour to make the best quality flags and accessories for our customers, has largely helped us acquire some of the most prestigious awards, making us the only company in the industry to achieve so many.

The love for our planet!

FlagSource strives hard to make available the best quality flags & accessories to it’s customers. However, it would be unfair to achieve that by burdening our planet’s environmental impact.

Click here to see how we are doing our best in responsibly reducing our carbon footprint & being environmentally conscious about everything we do.

Helping you stay on top of the game

We think it’s important to share what we know with our customers. Because the more you know, the more likely you are to succeed. That’s why we’ve created a Flag Etiquette page, where you can learn how to make the most of your flags, with guidelines to better understand and care for your flags.

We also keep our customers informed about our latest products & offerings.

The Numbers Game

As you've heard, there is always safety in numbers. Here is a brief look at some of our statistics as of March 2013:

9836 - Our unique customer base that includes a few of the Fortune 100‘s, renowned national/international corporates, multi-national companies, non-profits, schools, consulates, small businesses & individuals.

1.82 million - Total quantity of flags sold including miniature table flags, corporate logo flags, car flags, sports flags, outdoor flags etc.

4,000 - Our factories daily printing capacity(DPC) in linear metres. To put that in perspective, thats approximately 2,00,000 table flags or 32,000 car window flags or 8,000 hand-waving stadium flags of size 2ft x 3ft. (If required, our production can be increased up to a DPC of 10,000 linear metres.)

1 - The minimum quantity required to purchase any of our readymade or customized flags & accessories. Yes, it’s true! We don’t need you to order in the dozens, hundreds or thousands for any of our products. The same also applies to customized flags that you would like us to make specially for you. Only 1 pc is more than enough for us to give you our undivided attention; Go ahead, challenge us with your unique/creative ideas & requirements. We absolutely love it!

Our love for making exceptional quality flags & innovative accessories

It’s no secret that we believe in manufacturing the best quality flags & banners there can possibly be. That’s why we provide our customers with top-of-the-line quality fabrics, that are made to suit their desired use. In addition, with some of our products & accessories registered for Patents, we have helped introduce the most amazing & creative flag products, one can offer.

Like what you see? We’d like you to give us a test-drive...

If you’re already happy to see all the cool stuff we make, we would be even happier to courier our product samples* at your doorstep, so that you have a personal experience of our range of products.

Time Is Of The Essence

Nobody understands the importance of it, better than we do. That’s why we help deliver orders in time or before time, every-time! (Unless of course, under certain circumstances that are beyond our control.)

In most cases we can even deliver customized miniature table flag orders within 2 business days & large outdoor flag orders within 4-5 business days.

Like It? Shop Instantly!

The FlagSource is India’s first & only store that gives you the opportunity & convenience to shop for all kinds of flags & accessories online & buy them instantly!

Take Me Shopping Right Away!

Flexibility, as good as it gets!

Except for our payment terms, we’re as flexible as our flags (or maybe even more.) Just the way your flag flutters, rolls, twists, unfurls.... we too have the ability to mould & respect your customized needs, irrespective of your flag requirement, flag size & quantity.

Besides, our team is always committed to offer you the best & most practical advice in terms of your budget, choice and demand.

When you pair the above factors, our functionality & our constant pursuit to improve our product offerings - there’s really no competition.

* Certain product samples may not be possible to courier and may require a deposit.

Office Address

2nd floor, Bldg no.6, Laxmi Woolen Mill, Shakti Mill Lane, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400011, Maharashtra. - India

PHONE : +91 (22) 4004 8500 / +91 (77) 3300 6604

EMAIL : info@flagsource.in / accounts@flagsource.in