Corporate Flags / Custom Logo Flags

Flagging off the world’s best brands. From one trusted source.

Any Logo, Any Size, Any Quantity.

Is all that's needed.

We started out with a desire to make the whole experience of our customised logo flags simple yet delightful, easy yet uselful, durable yet affordable. Our corporate logo flags are beautiful because it's all of those things. Which is why we manufacture flags of any logo/artwork, flag size & quantity.


It's what penetrates deep inside our flags.

Maybe you're the spontaneous type. Or maybe you prefer a little order. Send us a swatch or sample print of your desired logo/artwork to match the colours with our flag or flip through our wide colour palette of the Pantone® Solid Coated/Uncoated Matching System to choose from. Be it miniature flags or the larger outdoor/advertising flags, we'd love to match your colours to the core!

Finely crafted appliqué & embroidery.

Remarkably opulent.

Never before has this degree of intricacy and finish been applied to a flag. Take our appliqué & embroidered sewn flags for instance. The design of the artwork(s) is perfectly hand traced onto the fabric, and then sewn to the background. Intricate designs are superbly embroidered on the fabric. Duplicates of the design are then finely cut & sewn to the rear of the flag. The result: Beautiful hand sewn and embroidered flags that maybe viewed from both sides. They are made with a level of precision that you’d probably expect from a designer dress – not a flag.

Table Flags.

Feel the brand. And the silk.

There’s richness & sharpness. Then there’s richness & sharpness on a whole new level. Our customised-logo table flags are now available in our revolutionary quality Penguin Super Silk & SatinLust, that are printed from the finest silk screens to give absolute print accuracy. But when you hold it in your hands and feel it – that’s when you’ll know how unbelievably beautiful they are.

Advertise with Flags.

An innovative way to showoff.

It's no secret that advertising is an essential factor to meet sales goals. Our large corporate logo flags brings you a unique way to flaunt your company logo/artwork etc. to the world. Send us your desired logo/artwork, flag size and quantity to get an instant quote.

Shape Up Your Brand.

Wherever you go.

More shapes mean, well, more of everything. More attraction, more appeal, more visibility and more recall value. Our teardrop flags & feather flags do just that. It's simple to assemble and easy to collapse and take away to any of your outdoor or indoor events/promotions.

Superfine screen print

It’s not just faster, it’s just right.

Screen-printing is the most traditional method of flag making. Our superior-quality water dispersed dyestuff is applied onto the fine screens & then squeezed out onto the fabric, which vividly penetrates through the material giving vibrant colours on both sides. It’s the ideal method for volume production. But our ability to accommodate artworks of any size + multiple colours + the flexibility with which we built our machines to efficiently operate semi-automatic or fully automatic – is what makes it the perfect solution.

It’s not only about printing.

Endurance is the key.

When you think about displaying your flag outdoors, what you would consider most is its durability. Hence, instead of starting with the print, we started with the textile & the yarns. Our team of textile designers re-imagined the magnitude & impact of the environment that a flag is expected to endure; this gave birth to our radical range of warp-knitted EndureTex fabrics.

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